Civic Center (Armory) Rental

To Reserve Civic Center, Contact: Lib Stowe @ (903)583-7555

The standard fees set forth to provide access and use of the entire facility available for public use.  Special reduced rates are provided for partial use in limited instances.  The Civic Center "kitchen area" may be used, but kitchen appliances and fixtures are suitable for meal or food preparation and storage.

Tables and Chairs:  40 Tables, 300 Chairs

Deposits Required:  Deposits for clean up and furniture damage are required.  Contact the City Secretary for current deposit rates.

Alcohol Use and Security:

The sale of alcoholic beverages within the City of Bonham is prohibited by law; however, no restrictions are in effect for the legal possession and use of alcoholic beverages inside the Bonham Civic Center building.  Persons, groups, or entities reserving the Civic Center for activities which will allow or permit the use and possession of alcoholic beverages--or if it appears that  alcoholic beverages will be allowed and permitted--shall be required to arrange for specialized law enforcement and security through the Bonham Police Department.  Under normal procedures two (2) uniformed Bonham Police Department Officers will be assigned to the be present during the hours of the scheduled event.  The person reserving the facility shall be required to directly compensate the two assigned officers at a rate established by the Bonham Police Department.  To make arrangements for security contact Chief Mike Bankston or Cpt. Timothy M. La Vergne, Bonham Police Department, at (903)583-2141.

Events charging admission, where alcohol will be served or consumed, will no longer be allowed at this facility.

Any event, where minors (those under the age of 21) will be present, will not be allowed to have alcohol on the premises.

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